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I came out of business school less than two years after the 2008 market crash.  The job pool was tough and I had reached limitations with my jobs within in the medical field.

At the time, my parents owned this really cool jazz-blues bar which was located in the same shopping village as a chocolate store.  In conversation my Dad learned the shop was for sale. The original founders were looking to start a next chapter and could not have been sweeter with the transition. *shout-out to Ms. Sheila & Ms. Tammy!

Then it was a hard, long learning lesson.  Regardless of the shop's established success, I was still very young and financially unstable which forced me to supplement my income with bartending & mortgage consulting. There was a point where keeping the store open felt foolish. If only I could draw in more customers. But how?

"If you want to go fast; go alone. If you want to go far; go together."

-African Proverb

Our town Economic Development Commission had been dissolved several years previously so it was  up to the individual businesses alone to advertise, outside of the a few collective perks offered by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Using antiquated design programming I created a visitor guide to serve as the centerpiece of a bigger marketing strategy. It went so well that  the advertisements were all sold within a day. I bartered a premium ad space to serve as a small form of compensation. The ad money collected  was used to print the visitor guides with a budgeted excess to fund downtown community  events. 

This program was strategically built under the Chamber of Commerce to create a sustainable structure.

I was now able to market my business plus every mom & pop shop in town, and even a few big cherries on top. This network  doubled my business in a single year, nurtured small business  & community priorities, grew the Chamber revenue by 50%, and coordinated over 30 promotional/network events in a single year.

q: "what did you do next? what are you doing now?"

Since then I've refined my skills, taken on private marketing clients, won a whole bunch of awards, and made quite a few missteps, too. That is the roller coaster which is business!

current software: adobe & canva (cloud-based)

I'm excited to take on clients who are motivated, dedicated, and passionate about their craft. Marketing is an investment and my mission is to tie my experiences as an entrepreneur - chocolatier - bartender - event coordinator - branding strategist  to produce

beyond what you could possibly imagine!


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