Christie   L. McDevitt

Chocolate, Marketing, Events

What I'm known for...

It's all about the chocolate

At 24 years old, I found myself becoming an 'accidental chocolatier' by purchasing an established chocolate shop in a small water-oriented town in Maryland. Eight years & a few locations later, our 'itsy bitsy candy store' has become an iconic local brand with limitless potential.

Having a business degree in marketing, I realized that our downtown commerce was lacking adequate marketing resources for many small businesses just like mine. With an independent investment to develop an ad-based income structure, our main street now had the capability to produce consistent branding material whilst hosting annual events which could bring up to a couple thousand attendees each. Using the main street brand as a showcase for my marketing style and a platform to grow my capabilities, it wasn't long before that one investment turned into a booming portfolio of marketing clients.

If you want your brand to be stand-out, while upgrading the quality of your marketing, while snacking on delicious chocolates...I'm your girl.


"creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein   genius

custom event design

signature event:


main st

Unicorn Quest

which brings 1,500+ guests to downtown North East, MD.


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